Booming Scene of Handcrafted Ceramics

Last couple of years brought a true culinary revolution in Poland. Interesting restaurants, upscale bistros, specialty coffee and bakeries keep popping up both in Warsaw and in cities outside the capital. All of them being dynamic, modern, trendy and Instagram ready. Obviously 2020 brought an industry-wide troubles and hibernation but at the same time a moment to work on even improved concepts.

Food and Ceramics

Led by creative chef-patrons and owners each of leading places want to differentiate itself from others. Collaborating with local food producers, re-discovering, and re-working local traditions, collaborating with local artists. Ceramics and pottery artists being on top of the list.

What makes me happy is that the art of plating and the art of matching the right tableware with created food or beverages become more and more vivid and important. With post Covid-19 reality and HoReCa redefining itself for once it is back up and running, I expect this trend to be even more visible.

Local top artisan pottery artists besides creating beautiful and memorable plates, make sure to deliver pieces that are most of all durable. They can be dishwashed, their design is not easy to be chipped in everyday restaurant operation or can even be used in the oven.

Such collaborations based on mutual understanding are slowly becoming to be a standard for almost every ambitious HoReCa opening.

Introducing 6 most interesting Polish artisan ceramists and potters

MK Studio by Magdalena Kałużna

MK Studio is the most famous of all Polish ceramists. Magdalena Kałużna and Michał Włodarek, her partner and a chef, met in Poznan. They fell in love and moved to Copenhagen together. They make fun, colourful and high-quality ceramics together.

Thanks to the marriage of two fields – gastronomy and art – they offer unique insights on what’s functional, what’s beautiful and what’s cool right now. 

Their creations can be found in many restaurants and cafes.
108 Cph, Manfreds, Relae or Coffee Collectif in Copenhagen, The Barn in Berlin or Odette in Warsaw.

Photos by Chris Tonnesen
Source: MK Studio and @mkstudio_cph


Another pottery power couple: Michał Majchrowicz and his partner Katarzyna. Graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk specialized in sculpture and ceramics. For the past six years they have specialized in creating their own, special forms of plates, cups and bowls. Eventually creating their own line of products and opening a small but efficient manufacture. Intriguing with the form, structure and colours, their plates are for sure memorable and unique.

Now they are working for chefs and restaurants all around Poland. Niesztuka, Neon, Corezze  or cult and unfortunately closed Metamorfoza  in Gdańsk; Główna Osobowa in Gdynia; Izumi Sushi, Matcha Tea House or Villa Intrata in Warsaw.

Source: Shadowland and @Michalshadowland

Fenek Studio

Fenek Studio is a small design studio & porcelain workshop based in Warsaw. It was created by a creative super duo: Agata Klimkowska and Antonina Kiliś.

In 2015 they graduated from the Department of Design at School of Form in Poznan. Ever since they have been active developing Fenek Studio. Both girls focus on creative process a lot. To find new forms, to freestyle with the design without previous sketches. The base of their ceramics is always white with colourful hand painted designs on top of it.

Their cups and plates can be experienced in Jaskółka Bistro in Warsaw.

Source: Fenek Studio and @fenekstudio

MUA Studios

MUA Studios is a Warsaw based ceramics studio created by Kati Romanowska and Łukasz Przygodziński and their dog Lajdak. Their hand-crafted, unique creations are inspired by nature, ocean and travels. The Wave collection plates became a real Instagram phenomenon.

MUA bowls can be admired while eating at Epoka, Eden Bistro, Youmiko Vegan Sushi, Raj w Niebie and No Problem in Warsaw.

Source: MUA Studios and @MUAstudios

Pot Pot Studio

Pot Pot Studio is a small and fairly young ceramics studio from south of the country in Bielsko-Biała, creating timeless pieces inspired by the nature. Their creations combine classic and modern styles. Multiple collections offer minimalistic and very vivid designs. Loved for the durability and utility both for home and professional usage.

Źródło: Pot Pot Studio and @potpotstudio


KOOE is a sustainable ceramic concept by a Kraków located duo who create modern forms while using traditional wheel techniques from different parts of the world. Their main focus is in finding new forms, colors and own designed glazes. All ceramics are thought to be extremely useful both, in homes as in restaurants.

Their plates can be enjoyed in many restaurants like: Fiorentina Kraków; Bez Gwiazdek, Rozbrat 20, Atelier Amaro Warszawa, Water and Wine Nałęczów

Source: KOOE and @koestudio

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