Marine Rice: a New Superfood Discovered by Chef Ángel León

Every day, chef Ángel León and Aponiente team immerse themselves in their dream, in the waters of the Bay of Cádiz in the south of Spain. The Bay is located in Andalusia, and is separated from the African continent by a narrow strait. Today, they are just a bit closer to the goal thanks to the discovery of new uses for a marine grain, also known as sea rice.

The marine grain they have focused on comes from a kind of aquatic seagrass called Zostera marina.

Marine rice is the seed produced by a marine plant known as Zostera marina. Rather than a kind of algae, the plant is one of the four types of marine phanerogams in Europe. These belong to a group of plants that is considered by scientists and biologists to be superior (with seeds, flowers, rhizomes, etc), which grow under the sea and feed on the water itself. What’s more, as ecosystem “architects”, they perform key biological and ecological functions.